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The Sable Automation team have been fortunate enough to be involved with some very exciting projects. We've been an integral part of Dev solution for GWF, Sound Science, Commonwealth Bank, Design Digital and Greenfinder.

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George Weston Foods
North Ryde, NSW


George Weston Foods (GWF) manufactures many well known Australian food brands including Tip Top® bakery, Don® small goods, KR Castlemaine®, Sunblest™, Golden®, Top Taste® and Bürgen®. Included in GWF operations are numerous grain mills around Australia.

Extend Technologies were commissioned by GWF to provide a fully customised SAP solution. To complement this solution an application was required to transfer data between the truck and rail weighbridges located at the grain mills to the central accounting software.

Sable was contracted to develop a C#.Net desktop application that would transfer data between the weighbridges and the SAP solution. An SQL 2008 database was used to store the local data at each mill site and the C#.Net 2008 application was developed with the aid of the template-based code generator, CodeSmith (V 5.2.2) using .netTiers templates (V 2.3.0).


Sound Science Pty Ltd
Crows Nest, NSW


SoundScicence produce a product called BarnOwl which comprises of a suite of software applications used for the real time measurement, monitoring and reporting of directional noise. Typically the product is utilized by mines and other industries to measure the noise from a particular direction to ensure that their operations comply with environmental regulations. This is achieved through the real time processing of the inputs from three microphones set up in a triangle configuration. Some of the challenges involved in the development of this software are the

high speed processing and asynchronous threading as well as significant acoustic mathematics.

Sable provided the following services:


  • Maintenance and implementation of enhancements to stabilise the existing suite of applications
  • Establish and implement software coding standards, source control and work practices
  • Assist with the support and testing of all software
  • Supervise programmers, testers and support personal
  • Design and develop a range of new applications that would allow future evolution of the product with well established industry standards.

Some of the technologies utilised were VB.Net 2008, C#.Net 2008, SQL 2005, XML, OPC, Citect SCADA.,


Commonwealth Bank – Wealth Management
Sydney, NSW


Sable Automation was responsible for the analysis, design and development of various applications for the
Wealth Management division of CBA. These applications are all developed using VB.Net 2005 and Microsoft SQL
2000 databases. Some of the services provided include:


  • The analysis of business requirements to provide technical solutions and write technical specification documents
  • Scheduling development tasks in line with the business priorities and deadlines
  • Coding of VB.Net classes, controls and windows forms according to the specifications
  • Design and scripting of SQL 2000 relational database objects including tables, stored procedures, views and DTS packages
  • Maintaining code and database scripts under source control
  • Providing regular feedback to the project managers regarding the progress of development tasks
  • Exchanging code for peer review as a function of maintaining the CBA software coding standards.
  • Building deployment packages for the completed solutions
  • Conducting unit testing and to provide support to system and
  • UAT testers.
  • Resolving issues found during testing and production.
  • Providing third level support to business users.


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